What do you get with your Identity Guard Membership?

IDGUARD Credit Alerts

Receive SMS Notifications whenever a credit check is done on your ID Number

Unlimited Access to your Credit Report & Score

Monitor your up to date credit report and your current credit score with unlimited access.

Full Restitution Service

Identity Theft happens and having your Identity Stolen can have serious consequences. We will put you back in the position you were before the incident took place.

Experienced Forensic Investigators

We assign a Identity Theft Specialist to you in order to rectify and resolve the incident. A full investigation is conducted whereby you as the member will be updated every step of the way of the progress and resolution of your investigation.

One of the predominant consequences of Cyber Crime is Identity Theft. If someone obtains your identity number and other personal information, they can use your name to make purchases or dispose of assets (such as your car, property or business); to enter into financial commitments; or even to enter into binding contracts (such as a fraudulent marriage). Some examples of common targets of an Identity Thief are cell phone contracts, loan accounts, credit card accounts, vehicle loans and home loans.

- Identity Guard

Why Choose Identity Guard?

Basic Identity Guard Membership

R22Per Month

Includes restoration of your good name and credit scores.

Full Identity Guard Membership

R349Per Year

Includes credit alerts, credit monitoring, and restorations of your good name and credit


  • Identity Guard Credit Alerts: Allows you to receive an SMS whenever someone tries to take out credit in your name or views your credit report.
  • Identity Guard Full Restitution Service: Restoration of your good name and credit score should you be a victim of identity theft
  • Unlimited access to your Credit Report & History
  • Your Credit Score

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