Identity Guard Membership Benefits Guide

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June 17, 2016
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January 24, 2017
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Identity Guard Membership Benefits Guide


Full Restitution Service

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One of the predominant consequences of Cyber Crime is Identity Theft. If someone obtains your identity number and other personal information, they can use your name to make purchases or dispose of assets (such as your car, property or business); to enter into financial commitments; or even to enter into binding contracts (such as a fraudulent marriage). Some examples of common targets of an Identity Thief are cell phone contracts, loan accounts, credit card accounts, vehicle loans and home loans.

In the event of someone obtaining credit in your name, Identity Guard will deploy a forensic investigator to conduct the full investigation with each credit provider concerned, as well as any debt collectors. Our staff also assist you in placing additional preventative measures to protect your Identity as we work closely with the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service to help combat Identity Theft.

Once the investigation is over, you will be provided with a report and resolution letters from the credit providers affected, placing it on record that you were the victim of fraud and clearing your name of the erroneous debt. Identity Guard’s Forensic Investigators will keep you informed of the progress of your case until resolution.

Identity Theft incidents are an extremely negative experience for an individual and it is imperative to handle these incidents through professional assistance from knowledgeable connected forensic investigators to create a positive experience for our clients.

Help When You Need It Most

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As a member, if your Identity is stolen and used fraudulently you can report your incident directly to Identity Guard so that we can render our Full Restitution Service to you!

How to Report Your Incident

You will need to report your incident by contacting the Identity Guard Hotline on 0861 (IDGUARD) 434 8273 and speak to a forensic specialist or email us at info@identityguard.co.za and we will contact you. You will then be advised of the necessary documentation required by us to investigate and appoint a forensic investigator to you. Once you and the appointed forensic investigator have exchanged the necessary documentation you will need to sign a Limited Power of Attorney form. Identity Guard will then handle the entire case from start to finish on your behalf keeping you informed each step of the way.

As a member, if your Identity is stolen and used fraudulently you can report your incident directly to Identity Guard so that we can render our Full Restitution Service to you! Once your case is resolved you will be provided with resolution letters from the affected credit providers as well as a summary report of the case for your records. Our staff will also assist you with steps to help reduce the risk of identity theft in future and what to do if it happens again.

IDGUARD Credit Alerts

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Whenever a credit provider performs an enquiry into your credit profile to determine your credit worthiness you should get notified to make sure that it is a legitimate enquiry. Now you can. Get notified with SMS alerts whenever an enquiry is done on your TransUnion Credit Report.

Daily Credit Monitoring allows you to identify which accounts were authorized by you and contact us for the ones that weren’t!
Credit Monitoring allows you to feel safe knowing that you will be notified should any changes occur on your credit profile. With Data Breaches and Hacking on virtually every news broadcast it is vital to take control of your personal information. An alert SMS will be sent to you in the following instances:
• Material changes on your profile.
• Judgments / defaults loaded or deleted on your credit report.
• Enquiries made into your credit history by credit or service providers.
• New accounts that have been opened. If the subscriber has not applied for credit, the alert will warn you that something is amiss.

Your Credit Report and Score

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Identity Guard Members can log in through the Identity Guard Website to view their credit report under the “Member Login” Tab.

By having unlimited access to your credit report it gives you the abililty to check your financial health at any time. You can see all of your accounts you have with various credit providers. Should you want further clarity of which credit provider performed a credit enquiry on you from the IDGUARD SMS you received, you can check your credit report for further details and information of the credit provider.

As a Member you can also view your credit score. A members credit report is a record of how you manage your money. This data is then quantified
and calculated to create your credit score which indicates to credit providers how much credit you can possibly qualify for.

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