Identity Theft Costing South Africa R1 Billion

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June 28, 2015
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Identity Theft Costing South Africa R1 Billion

An article recently featured regarding Stolen identities written by Gotsemang Tihabye in IOL News headed Top official held for selling SA IDs. (Read the full article here). This only reinforces the fact that protection of your identity is going to be needed as much as medical aid, insurance or even petrol.

We don’t only have to consider our own identities we have to consider our children’s too, who will be looking at these identities as nice clean slates to begin their futures of healthy credit habits. We now have to not only budget for future price increases but what it will cost you right now without the security of knowing your identity is protected, the cost to clear your name or recover what they have actually taken from you. This can be your credit rating, your future job prospect or your entire life.

It can be a very traumatic and costly experience. Even an annoying couple of hours spent explaining to the nice guy on the phone who is insisting you have an X or Y account that you know you never opened. This not only takes time getting affidavits, going to stores and spending months if not years proving that you were not the person they say you are. This alone can be time you could have used to build your future, not restore it.

For between R3000 to R23000 someone was able to buy a South African identity book that could be yours or one of your loved ones.

Have you really thought about this aspect? What is your identity worth?
Yes you may only be starting out at University or College, you may have just got your first job and you are no where near applying for your first bond. How long will it take before you realise that your identity has been stolen?

This is no longer taken as a joke. It is no longer a movie with actors like Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. It is no longer a cinematic experience in which we get to leave after the credits roll. This is the harsh reality we are now facing. Luckily this is one area of your life you can now guard against for less than the price of a popcorn and soda.

Stay Protected and stay informed.

The Identity Guard Team.

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