Hollard and Identity Guard Form a Partnership

Identity Theft Costing South Africa R1 Billion
July 5, 2015
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Hollard and Identity Guard Form a Partnership

Hollard Business Identity Theft

May 2015 was a monumental month in the world of Identity Theft.
Hollard set new standards for enhancing their clients’ value added services.
Recently Hollard and Identity Guard have joined forces and a flourishing partnership was born.
“Identity Theft is currently the biggest fraud issue in the world. Amongst other things, identity thieves unlawfully use the names, logos and banking infomation of a business – which can cause a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.“ – Hollard
“We don’t only solve your Identity Theft problem, we provide a full restitution service via a professional team of organized crime specialists and forensic experts that have extensive experience with Identity Theft; both in the consumer and the commercial space.” – Identity Guard
“Identity thieves are turning to businesses for more lucrative pickings.” – Hollard
Hollard has offered its General Liabilities and Specailist Liabilities clients value-added cover – at no extra cost – to protect against identity theft.
Identity Guard provides this service via their dedicated hotline and should an incident occur, their experienced Fraud Investigators will be on scene at your business to assess and rectify your Identity Theft problem.
For more information regarding the above cover from Hollard here.


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